Dio Mio (dee-OH mee-OH)

- as in "My God! This pasta is good."

Dio Mio is a counter-service restaurant focusing on fresh, handmade pasta. Chefs Spencer White and Alex Figura use their fine dining backgrounds to craft a mix of traditional Italian, and contemporary food in a relaxed and approachable environment. At the center of our 1500 square foot restaurant, is the pasta-production table, the heart of what we do. Sourcing is important to us; often locally, sometimes nationally, always seasonally. 


Our menu is constantly rotating, check out our menus. You can always count on a few traditional Italian items, and mix of experimental food. 

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We aim to bring you a constant variety of libations and coffee. The beverage program consists of an affordable wine list, espresso drinks, craft beer, and a small section of cocktails and Italian spirits.


The Faces of Dio Mio:

Alex Figura

Chef // Owner

Spencer White

Chef // Owner



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